Dear Colleagues!
We invite you to submit the video presentations to participate in the competitive selection at International Educational Endoscopic Video Forum (IEEF-2019) as a speaker.
The Scientific Committee of video forum will review all submitted materials and the best video presentations will be selected for video demonstrations will be selected for oral presentations. 

Criteria for selection:
- fulfill the listed requirements for submission; the technical quality of the photos and videos
- completeness of the clinical case (clinical results, histology, etc.)
- the integrity of the submission and correct performance of standard procedures
- difficult and interesting, rare clinical case
- originality of innovations within the field of endoscopy or problem-solving of complications
All authors selected for participation in one of the thematic symposiums and/or video session will have the opportunity to have the oral presentations and to answer questions from moderators and participants.
Deadline for receipt is September 1, 2019
Submissions can be submitted in one of the following categories: 
- training, standard, classical methods of diagnosis and treatment in the field of gastrointestinal endoscopy;
- interesting and rare, complex endoscopic cases;
- original endoscopic techniques and innovations inendoscopy;
- complications in endoscopy and solutions for overcoming/preventing
While submitting your video case for the competitive selection please indicate the category and the anatomical area, which best characterize the essence of the presentation. 
For an example, B3-6.

A. Diagnostic procedure             B. Treatment Anatomy                     1. Esophagus
1. Standard technique                   1. Standard technique                         2. Stomach
2. Innovations                                2. Innovations                                      3. Duodenum
3. Interesting/rare case                 3. Interesting/rare case                        4. Pancreatobiliary system.
4. Complications                           4. Complications                                   5. Jeiunum and Ileum
Large bowel

Formatting requirements:
1)The text describing the video presentation, presented in accordance with the format of the abstract submission: title, authors, institution, aims, material and methods, results, conclusion.
The abstracts should not exceed 350 words. Please use Times New Roman font, size 14.
2) Video must be formatted in one of the following types: *.avi or *.mpeg4 prepared using attached template.

Allowed the presentation of the material in the presentation format *.ppt with separately attached video (videos) in  *.avi or *.mpeg4 format types.
Other video file formats will not be accepted.
The total time of the presentation should not exceed 7 minutes (it is recommended to begin with a 1-3 minutes on the slides and 4-6 minutes on the diagnostic or therapeutic video).

Please pay attention to the following items

- Videos can not include any patient information, physician names, medical record numbers, etc. as well as product trade names or advertising.
- The video presentation must be your original work. We also ask not to send the clinical cases that have already been presented at national conferences.

The notification about inclusion of video demonstrations into the program of IEEF-2019 will be until September 1, 2019г
ALL SUBMISSIONS WILL BE SUBMITTED THROUGH THE ORGANIZING COMMITTEE BY E-MAIL: Ekaterina Ivanova This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

Winners of the competition of Videoclips will be awarded next prizes:

First place – Visit of the ENDOCLUBNORD 2020 in Hamburg (including registration fee of participant in the Conference, tickets and accommodation in dates of Symposium)

Second place – Visit of International Educational Endoscopy Video Forum IEEF2020, Moscow (If Winner not from Moscow - visit of Conference Relevant Issues of Endoscopy in St.Peterburg 2020)

Third place - Prize from General Sponsor of IEEF2019

Organizing committee will provide Grant for all participants, whose Video-presentations will be approved for competition. Grant includes free accommodation in dates of the Conference in Moscow, registration for IEEF – 2019 and Dinner with group of experts (1st November 2019)